Urban Public Spaces

Chapter 1: Why a Fresh Look at Urban Public Spaces

Chapter 2: Watching the Crowds Go By

Chapter 3: PPG Place

Chapter 4: Ingredients for Successful Spaces

Chapter 5: Urban Linear Parks

Chapter 6: Unexpected Parks in Public Spaces

Chapter 7: Destination Playgrounds

Chapter 8: Urban Public Spaces on Private Property

Chapter 9: Public Space Comeback

Chapter 10: Stadiums

Chapter 11: Where Bikes Rule: A Cautionary Report

Chapter 12: Will They Come?”

Chapter 13: Amenity-driven Economic Growth

Chapter 14: Place Making at Poundbury

Chapter 15: What do People Do in Destination Parks?

Chapter 16: L’Enfant’s Vision of a Distinctive Capitol City

Chapter 17: Are We Ready For Bikes?

Chapter 18: Can Urban Street Vendors Cut the Mustard?

Chapter 19: Downtown Housing and Experience Opportunities

Chapter 20: Memo to Ed Bacon: What About the Here and Now?

Chapter 21: Wrapping a Necessity in an Amenity: Princeton’s New Plaza

Chapter 22: Odometer the Issue

Chapter 23: Living Downtown

Chapter 24: No More Commerce?  No, More Fun

Chapter 25: Living Villages: Thoughts on the Future of the Village Form

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